1. Community-Driven Development Planning

4-Stage Process:

  • Conversations (one-on-one) with as many key stakeholders as possible, depending on timeline and budget, regarding priority issues, ideas, concerns
  • Convening(s) of all stakeholders met with in conversation stage – & others identified through those conversations, to review and discuss areas of common interest and/or consensus
  • Visioning -  facilitate and draft a community vision based on priorities and areas of common interest discussed above
  • Planning – facilitate and draft a strategic &/or action plan, with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, & Time-based) Goals and Objectives

2. Community Engagement Planning

  • Development and preparation of comprehensive plan for community outreach, including identification of strategic and influential stakeholders, potential allies, and surrogates
  • Preparation of materials to be used by organizational representatives or 3rd parties to conduct outreach

3. Community Assessments (Needs & Opportunity Analysis)

  • Collection & analysis of various demographic data
  • Surveys & interviews with key stakeholders regarding their sense of community needs
  • Preparation of community asset inventory

4. Private Development Preliminary Planning

  • Community support analysis
  • Preliminary market analysis for range of development options
  • Initial identification of potential resources and incentives to assist with implementation

5. Government Relations

  • identifying and making contact with appropriate governmental agency staff to determine procedures and course of action to achieve a desired outcome

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